Frequently Asked Questions

What is your warranty coverage on parts & labor?


We offer a 2 yr/24,000 mile warranty on most repairs and services when using quality parts. If an "economy job" is requested, the warranty will be less and described at the time of service.


Do you honor extended warranties?


Yes, but there are some key facts to remember. Extended warranties (also called aftermarket warranties) act like health insurance for your vehicle. Like insurance companies, most warranty companies do not pay for every expense on a covered repair.


For example, let us suppose that a coolant leak appears on your vehicle. The system is checked and the water pump is found to be leaking. The warranty company may choose to cover only the costs of the water pump and the labor to replace it. You would have to pay for the diagnosis time, coolant costs and system flush.


What it all boils down to is this: you are responsible to pay for anything not covered by the warranty contract.



How can I drop off my vehicle after normal business hours?


You can use the key drop box. It is located in the garage door to the right of the office door. Just push your key(s) through the mail slot opening and go on your merry way!



Do you have a shuttle service?


Yes. If you need a lift home or to work, let us know ahead of time and we will make arrangements to get you there.



Do you have any loaner cars?


Yes. We currently have loaner cars available that we try to reserve for special occasions.



Do you have a waiting area?


Yes, and it has complimentary heating & air conditioning.



Is there a restroom available?


Yes. We even provide the hand soap and paper products.



Do you offer free Wi-Fi?


Yes. Feel free to bring along your electronic devices and get online. We do ask that you keep the volume down when not using headphones/earbuds.



Do you provide drinks or snacks?


We have a Keurig machine that is ready to make coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and hot apple cider. There is also bottled water in the refrigerator.


As for snacks, read the answer to the next question.



Are there any restaurants located within walking distance?


That depends on what you consider walking distance. The following establishments are located within 1 mile from Rytek:





What if I am not hungry and I broke my tablet? What else is there to do?


Some suggestions:


  • Perinton Park is right around the corner. The Erie Canal Towpath runs right through it. You’ll find a playground, picnic benches, and ducks. Lots of ducks.


  • Are you a Railfan? We are located a stone’s throw away from a fairly active train track. Another good spot to watch is less than 1/2 of a mile down the road.


  • Visit the library. That's the place with real live books that you can touch and smell. Experience silence the way it was meant to be.



What geographical areas do you primarily serve?


Our customers predominately reside in Fairport, Palmyra, Penfield, Perinton, Pittsford, Macedon, Rochester, Victor, and Webster.


Regardless of address, we welcome one and all, whether you are an Aussie, Canuck, Redneck or 315er.



Can you explain what this means? “Good, Fast, Cheap. You can only ever pick two.”


Here goes...


  • Service and repairs that are Good and Fast are NEVER Cheap.


  • Service and repairs that are Cheap and Good are NEVER Fast.


  • Service and repairs that are Fast and Cheap are NEVER Good.
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