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Let's not sugarcoat things, owning a vehicle can be expensive.


The initial purchase can lighten your purse or wallet and the ongoing maintenance needs can feel like a giant leech attached to your bank account.


What about all those surprise repairs we all face, like when the vehicle won’t go, won’t stop, or just plain misbehaves?


While we may not be able to replenish your funds, we can help you spend them wisely when it comes to your ride.


Are you in the market for a new or used vehicle? Here’s how to skip past the lemons and head straight for the lemonade: ask our opinion or set up an appointment so that we can check that vehicle over before you buy it.


Want that car, truck or van to last as long as possible? We can tailor a maintenance plan to suit your lifestyle needs.


As for those repair needs, we aim to reunite you with your beloved vehicle as quickly as possible with our dependable service.


At Rytek Automotive, we want to build long-term relationships with our customers as we provide honest, quality, reliable auto repair & service with exceptional value.

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We Do Everything from Oil Changes to Engine Repairs
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