Need a NY State vehicle inspection?


How about a pre-purchase checkover to avoid buying a lemon?


We can do that.


All-Season tires.


Snow tires.


Trailer tires.


We can install many different brands & models of tires.


Is your instrument panel lighting up like some kind of alien spaceship?


We can shoot the trouble out of those pesky Check Engine, ABS, Air Bag and other warning lights.


Fluids, filters, and oils, oh my!


Click your heels all you want, Dorothy, but that won't help your vehicle to keep running at peak performance!


Regular TLC will.


Does it feel like your brakes are not working properly?


Sometimes, it's just a matter of cleaning away rust and lubricating specific parts.


For those other times, we can replace failed parts such as calipers, pads, rotors, hoses, lines, etc.

Steering & Suspension

When your ride just doesn't ride like it used to ride...


take your ride for a ride to see us.


You know it's time for an appointment when you have a holster for a pair of these.


Starters, alternators, electrical gremlins of all sorts- we love a challenge!


Bring the holster, too. We really want to see it!

Engine Repairs

From routine timing belts to major overhauls, we are not afraid to get our hands dirty!


We laugh at head gaskets, timing chains & water pumps!

Transmission Repairs

Ever had a bicycle chain pop off? You can pedal like mad but still go nowhere.


Similarly, the transmission is the main link between the engine and the wheels.


Whether you drive an automatic or a manual, we can help you get things moving again.


Heating. Ventilation. Air Conditioning.


All of these are needed here in NY State thanks to our four wonderful seasons.


No matter the time of year, we can help you stay toasty, frosty or somewhere in between.


Do your pipes hang low?


Do they wobble to and fro?


Is your stomach in a knot?


Is your muffler 'bout to blow?


Have you driven o'er a boulder


Has the droning made you older?


Do your pipes hang low?



Minor Body Repairs

Broken mirrors, stuck windows, and water leaks are examples of things that don't require a visit to a body shop.


Let us handle that for you.

Other Repairs

Not sure if we can tackle a certain job?


Just ask us!

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